Jazz Shabbat Service

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"Judaism, and all that Jazz"
A Musical Sabbath

Proudly sponsored by the Bertie Cohen "Rabbi's Invitational Series" of Temple Israel

The Sabbath Eve service on April 12, 2013 featured jazz arrangements of standard Jewish melodies, as well as some original jazz compositions on Jewish themes.  Local saxophonist Colin Wood was the composer/arranger, and he lined up a stellar group of jazz musicians.


Colin Wood, Saxophone, Arranger
Ryan Kennedy, Guitar
Randraiz Wharton, Keyboard
Phil Washington, Bass
Mark Price, Drums
Temple Israel musicians: N. David Stern and Bob Morris


Prophetic Frenzy (Colin Wood)
Baruch Ata Adonai Elohaynu (Colin Wood)
Tharsis (John Zorn)
Hineh Mah Tov (trad.)
Eliyahu Ha-Navi (trad.)
Oseh Shalom (trad.)

Colin Wood is a jazz saxophonist and composer who grew up in Charleston and attended West Virginia University, studying with Professor Paul Scea. He had the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janiero, Brazil for 6 months, where he met, learned from, and played with master jazz, bossa nova, and samba musicians. In 2010, he graduated from WVU with a degree in Jazz Performance.

As the son of two Presbyterian ministers, Wood has long been interested in integrating jazz with worship. The dichotomy inherent in jazz between the old and new, dictated and improvised, individual and ensemble is in itself a spiritual struggle.
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