Free registration for Temple and Sisterhood members,

but only if you register now!

2013 Julian Jaynes Society Conference on Consciousness and Bicameral Studies

June 5-8, 2013

Members of Temple Israel and its Sisterhood who register online before March 17 will not have to pay a registration fee; they may attend as guests of the Bertie Cohen "Rabbi's Invitational Series" of Temple Israel.  However, in order to take advantage of this registration fee waiver, it is necessary to fill out the online registration page before March 17. If you are a Temple or Sisterhood member, print out these instructions first.  Then, with the printed page in hand, do the following:

1.   Go to Look at the program information and decide if you want to purchase the banquet and/or field trip, which are optional add-ons.

2.  Click the “Registration” tab. You MUST fill out this page with your contact information. Under “affiliation,” type “Temple Israel” or “Temple Israel Sisterhood.”

3.  At the bottom of the information page, click “continue with registration.” This will take you to the payment page. When you see the payment page, you have successfully registered for the conference.  Even though you are being prompted for payment, do not pay for the conference.

4.   You may now:

    a.    close the payment page if you don’t want to register for the banquet or the field trip; or

    b.    pay for option 5 or option 6, and then close the payment page.

5.   You are finished.  There is no confirmation screen.  Instead, check your email for a confirmation message.